Kathy Germann and associates are a close network of facilitators/consultants. We each have our own independent business, and we choose to collaborate with one another in order to combine the strengths of our varied experiences and perspectives. We find this enriches our work and helps us to better meet the needs of our broad range of clients. At times we work solo and other times a client’s need may be best served working in collaboration with an associate.

Read on to learn more about who we are and what we bring to our work.

Kathy Germann has conducted trainings on a broad range of human relations issues since 1982. Kathy has taught on three college campuses and is a former YWCA director and manager of a training unit in a human services agency. In addition to operating her training and consulting business, she serves as an ad hoc instructor for the University of Wisconsin - Madison Division of Continuing Studies. Kathy brings a deep sense of passion and a healthy sense of humor to her work. One of her greatest joys is connecting people together in ways that enliven them and nourish their spirit.

Denise Jess has facilitated trainings on a wide range of human relations issues, curriculum, and program design since the mid-1980’s. She taught in a learner-centered elementary classroom for eleven years and has authored published curricula, focused on culturally accurate portrayals of history. In addition to her consulting practice, Denise serves as an ad hoc instructor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Division of Continuing Studies and actively volunteers in various community organizations. Denise is deeply committed to supporting learners in creating inclusive environments where the voices of all members are respected and nurtured. Learn more about Denise at

Don Coleman has been a trainer and educator for 40 years. His specialties include culturally competent family-centered social work, conflict transformation, stress management, and treatment of anxiety and depression. Don recently retired after ten years of serving on the faculty at the UW-Madison School of Social Work, where he taught advocacy in multicultural settings. He has also served as a clinical program director at the Mental Health Center of Dane County where he instituted an agency-wide cultural competency curriculum. Don currently provides psychotherapy at The Midwest Center for Human Services and is founder and lead T'ai Chi Ch'uan instructor at Madison Daoguan.