When conducting trainings, Kathy Germann and associates believe first and foremost in creating a safe learning community where people can be themselves and have enough comfort to experience the discomfort that facilitates learning. New insights and sustainable change only occur when people have an opportunity to interact in an environment that fosters openness and respect. We also believe that if you can’t have fun changing the world, it’s not worth changing. We use process-oriented, experiential, interactive facilitation methods. By respecting and incorporating participants' knowledge and experience, we develop a partnership with them in the learning process. Our trainings are custom-designed with flexible agendas that center on the learners’ needs. Our process emphasizes dialogue, self-reflection, skill building and fun.

Our consultations use a partnership process — we work closely with you to discover the underlying needs of your group and how to best address those needs. We strive to foster the courage in people to listen deeply to one another and to speak their truth. Our approach is to support you in learning the skills and tools necessary to sustain effective change.